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2017: What A Time to Be Alive!

The world is changing quicker than many of us realise. From incredible smart phone technology to Social Media, it’s an exciting time to be alive no matter your age. We’re not only living longer but we have more choice now to do the things that we love, with those that matter to us most. With the right attitude and perspective 2017 will be a great year for everyone.

Use Social Media to Enrich your Social Life

Ever since the launch of the Internet in the 90’s our lives have changed dramatically. We now enjoy a free market of information and connection with people all over the world. These platforms make it easy to make new friends and build acquaintances around the globe or just in our local neighbourhood.

They also allow you to find your passions such as art workshops, bowling tournaments, and starting a blog that you have been thriving for since it became a trend. Not only are you able to accomplish your goals and passions through social media, but you are also able to document all that you have done. From starting your dream trip to India during retirement or visiting your daughter in Japan; the opportunities are endless.


The Benefits of Modern Medicine and Improvements in Quality of Life

Nowadays, so many people think that as soon as you turn 50, 60 or 70 that it’s time to wind things down and plan your ‘exit’ from life. However, with the improvements of modern medicine and a better understanding of diet and health, there’s no need to live a more quiet life as you enter retirement.

When we create a quality lifestyle for ourselves there is less need for regular doctor visits and worries about health. Living with a preventative mindset is key. This means regular exercise, eating properly, keeping strong social connections, maintaining inner peace and happiness, and ensuring we break all mental stereotypes about age!


Consider Meditation and Yoga for Balance in Life

Yoga has been used for centuries. From being established by ancient teachers and gurus, it has spread throughout the world. Yoga and meditation have been taught to calm the mind and reach ultimate enlightenment. It has increased mental stability, enhanced spiritual connection, and improved our physical bodies.

When you read about the benefits of yoga, joining your fellow neighbors or loved ones on their mats doesn’t seem like a bad thing. As you pursue yoga and its each pose, you start to reach a calming state of mind. You want to push your body and feel the relaxation in each muscle and joint. There are serendipity and ultimate peace that you have probably never felt in your life.


Family and Relationships Are Forever Important

Your loved ones are there for you through thick and thin. They are there to build you up and encourage you throughout your journey. When life knocks you down, fortified relationships always remain. Not only do relationships support you mentally, but they also allow you to live longer. They have been known to expand your life by three years due to the happiness and life-long commitment it provides.

As 2017 kicks off, you begin to wonder what it has to offer. It offers you vitality, happiness, and an increase in your spirituality. As technology advances and medicine continues to improve, you have so much hope for the future. This year shows you that it is a beautiful time to be alive.