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To Age Well, Walk (and Gossip of course)

To Age Well, Walk (and Gossip of course)

Someone once said that all truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. Indeed, long walks are the perfect enabler for a flowing and drifting conversation with a group of friends or a loved one. This is why the real benefit to walking is the positive effect it has on your brain.  

Stress is the silent killer that can lead to a profusion of bad health outcomes and regular brisk walks is one tool to fight it. Taking a walk in a natural setting, be it along the beach or in the bush, far afield from “civilisation”, is a sure way to encourage peace of body and mind. Walking and letting your thoughts drift off into a silent meditation can enhance your mental wellbeing.


When you actually need to think, walking can be your best bet. The relatively low difficulty and repetitive motions of putting one foot after the other allows us to direct our executive functioning to more internal matters. We come up with new ideas, replay conversations, scheme and discover solutions to the question at hand. Perhaps it’s for this reason that walking stimulates the cognitive powers which improve memory in seniors.


One of the most rewarding things you can do in retirement is to take part in the pure unadulterated social fun of regular walks with your friends. The gossip, the jokes, the thoughts on the world passing by, the stories or just the comforting silence, make group walks a real treat. And remember, that yes, you will be fitter and healthier as a result – a win win really.


The older we get the more we find ourselves sitting down. Excessive resting on our bums can cause glute inactivation and atrophy. Standing too won’t fix that problem. You must walk, and walk, and walk, until you know you’ve got a rocking booty! This helps with weight loss, and reducing body fat. And helps you slip into that swim suit come summer time.


Studies show that walking has a positive effect on the immune system, can help sufferers of arthritis, and can help prevent falls from the elderly. With so many benefits of walking, what are you waiting for? Make it one of your new year’s resolutions to buy some Lycra alongside a decent pair of walking shoes, (and even a few walking poles if need be) and get walking!