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Best Road Trips for Camper Van Lovers this Summer

Best Road Trips for Camper Van Lovers this Summer

There is nothing better than a summer vacation, not only for avid travellers, but also for camper van lovers. If you own a camper van, you’re probably excited to visit beautiful places where you can simply park your camper van without a need to book for hotel accommodation.

New Zealand is one of the best travel destinations for camper van road trips. Even tourists from different countries try to experience road trips in New Zealand by renting a camper van. Here are some of the best places in New Zealand camper van lovers can visit this summer:


Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is composed of 144 islands each of which is unique among one another. These places in the North are sub-tropical, which is perfect for water activities such as yachting, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, and diving. The atmosphere offers a relaxing ambiance which many travellers enjoy especially in the summer. When you go there, you can park your camper near the beach or port so you can have an instant accommodation surrounded by stunning views of the Bay of Islands. Unpack your things in your camper and try any different activities there. Aside from water activities, you can go on a picnic or prepare some food outdoor. On the other hand, you can move your camper around nearby places such as Reinga, Hokianga, Kerikeri, and visit some historical places there like Waitangi. In Hokianga, you can park your camper and take a walk through the forest of Waipoua where trees and grass represent spiritual meaning.



Coromandel is 3 hours away from Auckland, New Zealand. It is said to be a mysterious place because it is rugged, but it offers a lot of good places such as beaches and mist laden forest, and natural hideaways. It is a great place to relax. Almost every place in Coromandel is ideal for nature lovers and camper van enthusiasts as well. There are any things to do in Coromandel such as: hiking, kayaking, fishing, diving and cycling. Your camper van is an ideal partner when visiting Coromandel as you can park your Camper in a safe and relaxing place while feeling at home. This place is also good for camping activities. You can also visit Lemon and Paeroa (L&P) iconic 7 meter high bottle located in Paeroa. The coastal area of Coromandel is enough for Camper van lovers to enjoy their trip as the area is simply beautiful. Local cuisine is also simple. What you can find is fish and other seafood. This is why most of the restaurants you will come across are seafood restaurants. Nonetheless, the food preparation is excellent.


McKenzie Country

New Zealand has a lot of good places not only along coastal areas but also inland areas one of which is McKenzie Country, located to the east of the Southern Alps. It is in the southern part of New Zealand where you can find Mt. Cook which is the country’s highest mountain. From your camper, you can view the mountain or take pictures of it.McKenzie Country is, in fact, the other name for the Aoraki/Mt Cook region. Mt. Cook is a national park where many different species of plants and animals are protected. Nevertheless, this place is not totally a wilderness. Mt. Cook village is the place you can station before you get around. In this village, you can witness a pure country lifestyle. On the other hand, you won’t feel left alone when visiting /Mt Cook region because there are also a lot of tourists and travellers visiting the place for various purposes and activities. McKenzie Country is a great place for camping and survival activities, especially along with your camper which you can park in camping grounds and camper van areas.


Central Otago

Central Otago is the most inland place in New Zealand. It is rugged yet it offers the Blue River and stunning landscape. It is no longer a tropical place, but it is still one of the best to visit during summer. Skiing is one of the more popular activities in winter, yet fishing and hiking are popular in the summer season. Don’t forget to put your bicycle inside your camper. Central Otago is also perfect for cycling. But you don’t have to bring fruit as summer fruit is abundant in Central Otago. Nevertheless, you can pack some important things in your camper for picnic purposes because Central Otago is a good place to go for a picnic as well. The landscape of this area is simply stunning.


Camper van lovers who want to experience a class Kiwi road trip this summer will find the above places worth visiting. If you are one of them, these are the places you will surely love this summer. Make sure your camper is in good condition before you go on camper van road trips so you won’t have to worry about transportation and accommodation, which are the usual problems every summer.