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The Best Sports to Take up in Retirement

As you get older, it can get harder to find the energy and inclination to keep active. But the evidence is indisputable: seniors who stay active in retirement are, on average, healthier, happier, and live longer. That’s why it’s a great idea to consider taking up a sport. 

The best sports for retirees offer both physical and mental stimulation, because keeping your mind occupied after your retirement can sometimes be as much of a challenge as keeping your body fit. Here are some sports for retirees you might consider.

Remember, before beginning any athletic activity, check with your physician first to make sure you’re healthy enough. Athletics don’t have to be strenuous, though. Anything that gets you up out of your chair and moving will provide lasting benefit.



Yoga is ideal for a number of reasons. You don’t need a lot of space. And it doesn’t require any special equipment other than a mat and comfortable clothes. Yoga is a low-impact exercise, which means it doesn’t put much stress on your joints. But don’t think yoga is nothing but standing around posing — you’ll get a full-body workout. Yoga is excellent for improving your flexibility and helping with bad backs and other nagging aches. And there are so many styles and practices available you’re bound to find one that matches your needs.


Swimming and aquatics

Another low-impact, full-body workout. Swimming is also proven to help with coordination and balance, important for avoiding falls. If you’re not a strong swimmer, consider aquatic workouts. The water provides both support and resistance. This makes your workout more comfortable but ensures that you still have to exert yourself. And you still get the fun of pool time!



There are many excellent golf courses in the Whangarei area that cater to both novice and serious golfers. While you might not be able to drive the ball as far as a young player, skill and patience are as important in golf as raw power, so it’s a natural game for seniors. For best results, leave the cart at the clubhouse and walk!


Touch rugby

If golf isn’t quite directly competitive enough for you, touch rugby may provide a way to satisfy that fighting spirit without bone-crunching tackles. Rugby, even if it’s “only” touch, is more physically demanding than many of the sports on this list, but once the game is over you’ll know you’ve gotten some good exercise!


Lawn sports

Games like lawn bowls, badminton, and croquet provide a less strenuous way to get outside and be active. As with golf, they’re primarily games of precision and skill rather than speed and strength. They’re fun to play casually with friends, but if you want to take it more seriously, there are senior leagues and tournaments available in the Whangarei area to test your skill.



Hard courts and senior knees don’t go together, but clay and grass are more forgiving. Playing doubles cuts down on the running you’ll have to do. And tennis is great at improving your coordination, flexibility, endurance, and arm strength.


Group walks

The simplest, easiest, and cheapest form of exercise, with significant aerobic benefits. Fitting a simple 30-minute walk into your day can make a noticeable difference in your health, and getting out of your house for a change is always good for your mental health as well. Whangarei has many beautiful nature trails and walking paths waiting for you to discover them.


Finding the right sport for you can help change exercise from a tedious necessity to a fun and engaging part of your life. We hope this list has given you some ideas on how to add some activity to your retirement lifestyle for your health and happiness!