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Can us oldies embrace Technology?

Embracing Technology with Old Age

Technology is running full steam ahead and some of us oldies are being left behind, far behind. But it doesn’t have to be this way, we too can embrace technology and incorporate a sensible and enjoyable amount into our daily lives for the good. With a bit more of an open mind we might come to love today’s inventions and innovations.

The funny thing is that technology is always changing. Even back in the good old days we went through some big changes from our parents generation and, indeed, we embraced it all. From colour TV to commercial satellites to the first ATM, baby boomers were at the forefront of technological innovation – so why stop now just because we’re a bit older and the technology is in a new digital world? There is no reason why we can’t stay modern and hip.

We don’t have to go far as attaching selfie sticks to our new Iphones and taking group photos everywhere we go (we can if that’s what floats our boat, though). But we can jump on Facebook every now and then to embarrass and annoy our Grandkids, use Skype to stay in touch with our adult kids who might be living overseas, and take photos using our smart phones to show our friends and family what we’ve been up to recently.

Then there are new technologies like Uber that are revolutionising the way we get around our cities. Uber is an app on our phones that provides a taxi alternative and the experience is far superior to your standard taxi – cheaper, quicker, more flexible and overall a more enjoyable experience. Next time you’re out in the city and you need to get back home, try it out, you won’t be disappointed. You don’t even have to pay the driver, you’re bank account is simply charged after the trip – great for us oldies, where every second counts!

Airbnb is another great new company and technology that is revolutionising the way we travel. Instead of staying at the same old boring hotels and motels, we can now stay at peoples cool houses who rent them out on a nightly basis on Airbnb. You might be able to find a house by the beach or a bungalow in the bush. This is another great one for the older generation who are looking for a more authentic and comfortable travel experience as they get older.

So oldies, there are no longer any excuses. Jump on Facebook, trade in your phone for a smart phone, ditch the taxi for the Uber and when travelling chance your arm at an Airbnb – you will love every minute of it!