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Keeping Romance Alive into Retirement

Keeping Romance Alive into Retirement

If you’re reading this in the presence of your grand-kids please avert their eyes – or if you want to see an emphatically squeamish and hilarious face tell them you’re reading about how old people become more romantic the older they get!

And, well no, this is not about reigniting that spicy flair in the bedroom that produced kids, and then grand-kids down the line, in the first place. Although it may rejuvenate that possibility. Folks, we are talking about maintaining the old spark and appreciation of each other after giving up work and settling into retirement.


Many studies, from the UK all the way to New Zealand, suggest that instead of celebrating their newfound freedom together, many retired couples discover they don’t share any of the same hobbies and interests and bickering about spending pension money among other banal things ensues.


This outcome is also common when kids finally leave home and empty nest syndrome kicks in to lead to an array of strange mid-life crises. Sometimes kids, grand-kids, work and friends can act as the glue that keeps a relationship alive and kicking in the long-term. So if you have made it through the empty nest syndrome and your grand-kids are old enough to look after themselves then your last hurdle is retirement, and yes you can and will make it together!


If you and your partner are both healthy and have solid financials to support you into retirement then you possess a massive amount of freedom and potential spare time. Now, how to make the most of that freedom together?


First thing’s first: have fun, a lot of fun. You’re never too old to try something new, embrace technology and stay active. Go on weekend road trips, sleep under the stars, take regular walks on the beach, eat out (as much as possible), get a pet and most importantly keep your sense of humor and photo albums constantly replenished. Laughter is closely entwined with romance.


Secondly: surprise each other. Tickets to a comedy show, flowers, dancing lessons – why the heck not? Being slightly unpredictable is definitely a key ingredient in romance and to grow voluntarily boring is the most unforgivable of sins. When you’re having fun together the romance begins to flow like the time you we’re sipping on red wine touring through the rolling hills of Tuscany together (or something of that sort!)


Couples who never touch frequently grow apart, even the most practical and cold relationships can’t be maintained without the spontaneous tendency to hug, kiss and engage in the forms of physical contact that the two of you enjoy. On top of the physical is the sentimental. Stay loyal and true to your special days whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary. Above all, marriage into retirement must avoid the stale and stagnant and remain fun, active and spontaneous!