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Living life in retirement

Finding Peace or really Living Life in Retirement

You’ve probably heard people say that they get to find peace in retirement, and you might have wondered what they were talking about. On the other hand, you may have already found yourself incredulous to this claim. The thought of making peace with your life and accepting death is jarring. Instead of thinking of retirement as a passageway to enter the afterlife, consider it as a time of new beginnings and opportunities.

Spending Time with Relatives


When you were working, you probably had to fit visits with relatives into your schedule. Maybe you dashed over to your children’s house after your job wrapped up for the day, or perhaps you could only get to a few of your grandchildren’s soccer games. Now that you are no longer working, you can take a more involved approach to your family. Whether you want to volunteer in your grandson’s rugby team or join a book club with your closest cousins is up to you; the point is that you have the time to make new memories with them.


Reconnecting with Old Friends


Living life in retirement is about looking to the future and also considering how your past brought you to where you are today. Old friends play a major role in your history. They can help you to recall good memories from the days of your youth, and they may also remind you of people who are no longer on this earth. Retirement provides you with the time to reconnect with them. Also, social media is quite popular these days, so you can search for your old friends on these outlets.


Dining at Restaurants


In the past, you may have raced home after a day at work and thrown together whatever ingredients you could find in the kitchen. Even though you always wanted to check out those new restaurants in town, you never had the motivation to do so. After enjoying a leisurely morning and afternoon doing as you please, you may now have the energy to set a reservation and enjoy some delectable cuisine.


Trying New Hobbies


When people are children, they are often encouraged to pursue an array of hobbies. Some of these hobbies turn into lifelong interests and passions, but others fall to the wayside when greater responsibilities come into play. Whether you want to reclaim a hobby from your youth or you want to try out a new activity, you can pursue a dream. You may even find yourself in a new career.


Take Some Classes


The thought of attending a class after working for eight hours is overwhelming to many people. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to knit, or perhaps you are interested in reading some history about New Zealand. Finding out what your local community center has to offer is a wise decision. You may find that these classes open up a new world for you and allow to explore passions that you never knew existed.




Trying to take off a number of days in a row for vacation is difficult at some jobs, so now, you can use your time to explore. You might be interested in seeing parts of the South Island that you have never visited, or a new country that you want to see. You also have the freedom to see if relatives or friends would like to embark upon a journey with you.


Historical Sites


Even when you love history, going to these tourist spots during the weekend and on holidays can detract from the experience. Instead of having to squirm your way through a crowd of people to see an important historical monument or site, you can now go when the places are more relaxing.


Adopt a Pet


If you never had the time for a pet when you were working, now is time to considering adopting one. Many animals are in need of homes, and the two of you can provide one another with an unparalleled level of affection. When you adopt a pet, you must make sure that you realise that you are making a commitment to the animal.




Whether your spouse is deceased or you never found the love of your life, you should consider getting yourself out into the dating pool. You may want to attend events in the community that are designed for seniors or check out websites that can link you with people who have similar interests. Dating can also introduce you to new restaurants, hobbies and ideas for travel.

Living life in retirement is important. You have the chance to explore an array of new opportunities, and you have the time to pursue these opportunities. Instead of thinking about the fears of the future, envision yourself fully living life in retirement.