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What Makes for Stylish Retirement Fashion

What Makes for Stylish Retirement Fashion

After retirement, you might feel there’s nothing to do but stay at home, but as many will tell you, life begins after retirement. You’re finally free to do the things you’ve been too busy to do, so there’s no reason to stop everything now!

Dressing well might seem like an unnecessary hassle when you don’t have to dress for the job you want, but dressing up and caring about your looks is the first step to getting out and about and getting to see and do the things you might have been postponing until your retirement. Rather than telling yourself there’s no need to dress up, remind yourself that now you can dress up all for yourself! The great thing about retirement fashion is that there’s no need to stay too professional.


Men’s Retirement Fashion

For men, retirement fashion can be a little daunting. After all, at work, men often have a strict, easy to follow dress code, whether it’s a uniform or a suit. It can be hard to find a way to stay comfortably casual and still dress well after retirement. However, a few tips can go a long way!

Crew neck sweaters are easy to find, usually simple to match with a simple pair of pants, and are just plain comfortable. A few shirts from the office can be repurposed for a more casual look by pulling a V-neck sweater over it. For something more on the formal side, wear a colorful vest with your suits. It’s classy, but it’s more fun that the everyday shirt and tie combo, and adds a bit of pop to your wardrobe. Polo shirts are a good choice for hotter days, since they’re as breezy as a T-shirt, but just a little more elegant.


Women’s Retirement Fashion

For women retirement fashion needs a different set of tips. It might be easier to know what you want to wear, but harder to know how to put things together. The most important rule to remember is to let all rules go. Wear brighter colors, looser clothes, whatever makes you happiest!

A few good scarves can really do wonders to spruce up a blouse or blazer. Looser sundresses are good for all body shapes, and with tights and a jacket, they work for all kinds of weather, and they’re great for a careless, easy look that still makes you look great. Turtleneck sweaters are a quick way to look elegant. Grab a few outfits that you think are amazing and find a way to fit them to who you are. Add a bright scarf if you want to come off as brighter, or choose a darker color to look classy. The sky’s the limit!

When it comes down to it, dressing nice after retirement is just about choosing the kind of outfit that reminds you that you’ve got plenty ahead of you, that makes you feel confident to go out and do the things you’ve finally got the freedom to do. There’s plenty of options, and you can choose whatever makes you happy.