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Older People Love to Party Too

Older People Love to Party Too!

The movie industry may portray partying as a favoured social activity for the young and single, but we know that older people love having a good time, too. And we’re better at it because we’re banking a lifetime of experience of social events and good times. The best part about partying in retirement years is you have the experience to know the best ways to have fun, coupled with the wisdom to know when to stop.

The Party Starts At Home

Who doesn’t love the chance to escape from their everyday uniform of jeans, t-shirts, and polos, for clothes that will really let your personality shine? Social occasions give you the opportunity to take your time to dress your best. For the men, that means impressing your lady with a sharper shirt and some snazzy shoes. For the ladies, it’s a chance to wear bolder colours and your better jewellery, the pieces with a little sparkle to them. Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes. Leaving home looking your best lifts your spirits so that you’ll arrive at the party with a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step.


Fun and Fizzy Flavours

Sipping on mixed drinks is often part of what makes parties enjoyable. Alcoholic beverages help partygoers relax and feel more sociable. Social events also allow you to test out one or two new drinks you wouldn’t bother to indulge in at home. After all, there’s more out there than rum and coke. Where else would you think to sample a drink referred to the Flaming Blue Blazer? An unusual concoction from the bar not only allows you to unwind, it could also be a conversation starter.


Alcohol is known for lightening your spirits, but spirits aren’t necessary to have a good time. Non-drinkers and designated drivers can ask the barkeeper for “mocktails,” sparkling and festive drinks that bypass the alcohol for intriguing juice and soda creations. And even a simple minty ice tea is always going to be cold and refreshing. Ask the bartender to recommend something fun and different for the occasion.


Croons, Tunes, and Dancing Shoes

Music is always a big contributor to a great party atmosphere. One favourite activity that gets partygoers involved in the fun is karaoke. The best part of karaoke is it doesn’t require singing skills. Singing is fun if you have the pipes, but when you’re partying nobody cares if you don’t stay in tune, not even yourself. Whether you grab a friend or choose to go solo, select a song that you have a passing familiarity with, and start belting out your favourite tunes.


If you’re more a dancer than a singer, all you need is the right type of music. There are plenty of deejays these days who prefer to cater to the “grown folks” crowd. A deejay whose playlist includes classics and line dances lets you request just the right era to get your toes tapping. Nostalgia alone is often enough to pull you to the dance floor. And if you’re planning your own homegrown event, perhaps one of your crowd has both the music collection and the inclination to play deejay for the night.


It’s All About Friends

One of the best parts of partying in retirement is the time you have to develop close friendships. For married couples, you’ve been enjoying your life together for this long so why stop now? These couples know that having fun together is one of the things that has kept their marriage strong. Single partygoers will also enjoy the opportunity to socialise with the other sex without conversations always being one on one. For the single ladies, there’s also the added enjoyment of a girls’ night out venue.

Once you begin to enjoy the benefits of partying in retirement you’ll want to make the fun a regular part of your social calendar. Letting your hair down once in a while not only helps you keep active, it brings a lot of joy into your life. Dancing is energising. Singing with friends is fun. And laughter is good for the soul… at any age.