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A Sense of Humour is Key to Enjoying Retirement

A Sense of Humour is Key to Enjoying Retirement

In an age of hyper-offense-taking where political correctness has run amok, there is nothing more refreshing than the older generation having a laugh at themselves and the world around them. Indeed, a genuine sense of humour may be the most important aspect to really relaxing and enjoying your retirement. 

There is no greater sight than a group of energetic old men or women partaking in a bit of banter. Unfortunately, we all know of some rather uptight senior folk who because of their past, or perhaps because of their passive acceptance toward growing old, have lost that spark of wit and humour that served them so well in their younger years.


Having a good sense of humour is not only a more enjoyable way of living life but is capable of reducing stress, helping you cope with pain, creates empathy in social situations, and can even improve your odds of making friends. Studies abound showing that a person’s appreciation of humour doesn’t necessarily fade with age but only their ability to understand complex forms of humour might as mental abilities decline.


So the jokes might have to be less elaborate and cut to the chase a touch quicker but studies continue to prove that there is no real excuse to loose our humour in retirement. If anything, the reduction of stress from work, the time freed up in the knowledge of further freedom, should re-spark that sense of fun, spirit and humour.


All humans have to accept mortality as a reality but we shouldn’t fret about it. Approaching our mortality with a light-hearted ‘none of us get out of this alive’ mindset can help us ease and open up to a more humorous way of living in retirement. Most of all we should spend time with people who enjoy life, love sharing a joke or two and who make us laugh. It is much harder to maintain a sense of humour in a team of one.