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Taking Time for Yourself in Retirement

Taking Time for Yourself in Retirement

For many retirees, this golden era of life is a time to be anticipated and then savoured. Retirement is seen as a time of rest after a long life of working at a career, day in and and day out (including weekends). Yet many people have a hard time adjusting to the idea of taking time for themselves, and still find that they are driving themselves hard to accomplish goals they had to put off during their work lives. 

There’s a danger for some retirees in becoming caught up in the ongoing demands of family and other social commitments (like volunteering). Many of these people discover that life after work can still be incredibly hectic. The message to new retirees is that it’s ok to rest and care for yourself. After a life time of working and taking care of everyone else, getting some extra relaxation and self care in is a real positive.


Enjoying All That Whangarei Has To Offer


Residents who retire in Whangarei, New Zealand’s North Island, have many incredible opportunities for enjoying all that life has to offer. This beautiful area is a natural wonder, within close proximity to Auckland and the Bay of Islands. The beautiful weather in this area and its moderate temperatures make it ideal for relaxing and enjoying walks in nature. This gorgeous area offers wonderful opportunities for leisurely walks in grassy areas, with natural attractions like the spectacular Whangarei Falls to take in. The busy City Centre here also offers many attractions for those who like to shop and dine out.


The Allure of Great Books


There’s no doubt that retirement is a great time to step back a little bit from the hectic demands of life that dominate so much of the working years. Yes, family can still demand a lot of time for retirees, as the needs of children and grandchildren still press upon us. Yet it’s very important for retired people to realize that they need to carve out time for themselves and even give themselves a chance to step back and really focus on some of the activities they may have long put aside, like reading. There’s nothing that can really compare to the joy of diving into great literature, as well as entertaining lighter reading. A great biography or a work of history also can be enjoyed when time is available, and these kinds of books can truly be savoured by retirees who let themselves have that time for themselves.


Yoga, Stretching and Relaxation


Another great way to relax, unwind and truly find “inner peace” is to practice yoga. Yoga is becoming more and more popular not only as a way to exercise and tone and strengthen the body, but also as a way to find a calm center. Yoga is more challenging to do than might be supposed, but many yoga classes are offered at different levels, so they can be enjoyed by people at every level of expertise. An ongoing yoga practice (in classes which can be enjoyed at fitness and community centers) is found to promote a feeling of calm and centeredness, while also increasing strength and flexibility. It’s also a great way to connect with new friends.



Walking is another form of exercise and relaxation that’s easy to take for granted. Yet the truth is that a daily walk offers great exercise along with the chance to be alone with one’s thoughts and to gain a good perspective on life. Walking is a great way for retirees to relax while also staying healthy. Finally, getting a good night of sleep is one other activity that can’t be discounted. Sleep helps to restore the body and relax the mind, and it even helps with maintaining a healthy weight.


If retirement is looming, remember to be good to yourself and embrace this time as one of many great opportunities. Take the time to do what you love to do, and enjoy all the relaxing times that are available to you in this lovely part of the world.