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The Joys of Being a Mother All Over Again

The Joys of Being a Mother the Second Time Round

Old snapshots and memories tell of the days when your child toddled around, asked for cuddles, and played with toys. The joys of motherhood won’t soon be forgotten, but now your children are all grown up and have offspring of their own. Not every woman is lucky enough to become a grandmother, but realising that happy goal is not something that can be planned for.

A new chapter in your life unfolds. You get to relive the joys of being a mother the second time around. Whether they call you Granny, Gran, Nana, or Nan, nothing changes the wonder of your new role in the family. The new title comes with plenty of experiences, tons of love and fun, and the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of your children and theirs.


A Renewal of Motherly Instincts When You Become a Grandmother

Many women feel a surge of motherly emotions when presented with a new grandbaby, but if you do not automatically slip into that role, do not feel bad. It has been quite some time since you cradled your son or daughter in your arms and sung them to sleep at night. As you hold the newest family member close, their big eyes will meet yours and a fresh bond will be forged that will last a lifetime. Take time to enjoy the new grandchild and reminisce about those days when it was their parent in your arms instead. Remember the songs you used to sing and the games you used to play. Your love can grow into a beautiful relationship similar to what you experienced as a mother years ago. Women report they are often shocked by how strong the surge of love is when they meet their grandbaby for the first time.


Reawaken the Joy of Creating Fun With Young Children

Infants need cuddling, kisses, and care. As the grandchild grows older, he or she will want more entertaining interactions with you. These can flow in two directions. Each child will have a favourite toy or hobby to share with you. Do not be afraid to get silly. Little kids give you an automatic pass to sing in public, dance to silly songs, and play with toys again. You can also introduce them to new types of play or activities to do. Their parents get all the tiresome day-to-day tasks of cleaning up messes, encouraging them to eat healthy meals, and scolding them when they are naughty. Being a grand may involve some of this, but you have mostly graduated from the parent responsibilities and can now base the relationship on fun and love. This is the perfect time to forge family traditions and pass down things like favourite recipes, childhood heirlooms, and tales of years past. Realise that, as the newest member of the family learns from you, it can work the other way around as well. A new grandchild can open your eyes and mind to all sorts of exciting new things.


Support Your Child’s Parenting Without Conflict

Becoming a grandparent also changes your relationship with your son or daughter. They are unequivocally an adult now with new challenges, decisions, and responsibilities to face. Respect their methods and ideals when it comes to parenting and make sure advice is welcome before offering it. It might be difficult to stay silent when you see parenting methods you do not agree with or understand in action. Remind yourself that you get all the fun stuff now, and none of the headaches. When your new grandbaby is first born, suggest becoming temporary support staff for the new parents. Cook a meal or share favourite recipes they loved as children. Pass along parenting tales that may help them deal with any surprises or unpleasant aspects of the process. Your experience and knowledge could make a valuable contribution to how the new child is raised, but you should not expect the parents to take every bit of advice to heart.


Focus on fun, follow your grandchild’s lead, share memories and pass on traditions. Most of all, love them and enjoy everything that comes with being a grandmother to your son or daughter’s children.